Diamond Bruises

(4 mins, 2023)

If you can ski in Sheffield, you can ski anywhere.

Now returning to nature, Sheffield Ski Village was once the centre of a vibrant community of people who skied and snowboarded in a city without snow. We hear what made the Ski Village so special to a wide array of characters, teenagers coming of age, university students figuring out how to live away from home for the first time, as well as the old-timers who dug the soil to build the slopes in the first place.

Using evocative archival footage, interviews, and sound design this film will take you back to the world of the Ski Village, and this will contrast with the desolate landscapes of the current day deserted hillside.

Director, Producer, Cinematographer: Hannah Skolnick
Production Coordinator:
Chim'Di Ugada
Will Cocker
Sound Designer:
Siim Skepast
Paul Handley
George David and Ritu Banda